Skills Alignment with Badgr Pro

Unlock the potential of skills-based education and hiring.

  • Connect Awards with Skills

    Connect your digital credentials and learning pathways with meaningful skills definitions that establish marketable currency for your awards and connect learning experiences with job opportunities.

  • Real-time Labor Market Data

    Align your awards with Emsi’s skill library to connect your training opportunities with real-time labor market data and information about related skills, helping your learners better understand their opportunities and helping employers find the right candidate.

  • Connect Learning Outcomes with Live Job Listings Worldwide

    Augment your credentials with global, real-time job search via, to help your learners quickly identify the next steps in their professional journey.

  • Global Skills Portability

    Build micro-credentials that align to globally recognized skills and competencies like ESCO or the AQF to better communicate the value and portability of your learning outcomes.

  • A Rosetta Stone for Skills

    Join the Open Skills Network, a growing coalition of more than 40 employers and education providers that champion common, open skills libraries to better connect today’s learners with career opportunities.