Highlights from the "Mindsets Over Skill Sets" Live Webinar

On the shifting nature of professional readiness.

Badgr Team

September 11, 2020

This event was hosted by the Diplomatic Courier and was recorded on September 10, 2020.

Mindsets Over Skill Sets: The Shifting Nature of Professional Readiness featured experts and students from around the world, seeking to answer:

  • How can we change hiring practices to select for universal skills, instead of so-called hard skills?
  • Why do we keep focusing on certification of skills when we know it is ineffective, or in some cases misleading?

Highlights from Wayne Skipper

CEO and Founder of Concentric Sky (creator of Badgr)

On: Connecting learners with employers via skills. Link to clip

“The challenge is creating structured data out of unstructured information. In general, our goal is to try to understand leaning that happens and quantify that in a way that can be represented and processed algorithmically so that we can start to make the kinds of predictions that we’re talking about here. But we have to do that in an open way, so we don’t have an implicit bias, or even worse, market behavior from large corporations trying to dominate the space.”

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“I like to think of this as the culmination of all the work that’s been happening around digital badges, credentials, learning employment records, and comprehensive learner records. What all of these things lack is a Rosetta Stone that helps an institution express a student learning outcome in a form that is understandable to an employer. And, helps an employer express a set of job requirements in terms of the same competencies.”

On: The role of AI, the future of training, and how to prepare workers for an uncertain future. Link to clip

“I think that most fields requiring stem skills will soon be replaced by algorithms, and it would be a mistake to focus all of our training on that. The need to prepare people for an unknown future is not a new challenge for humanity - this need has persisted for thousands of years. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel - we can learn from the past.”

On: What is the main thing you are going to take away with you from today’s discussion? Link to clip

“Create the future that you want to live in.”

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